1. Beavercreek Media

    Beavercreek Media operates the Beavercreek Television; writes, edits, and publishes the quarterly city newsletter "In Touch"; and maintains this website.

  2. Cemeteries

    The City of Beavercreek manages and maintains 7 cemeteries within the city limits: 3 are active, meaning selling lots and having burials, and 4 are inactive, which are closed to any new burials.

  3. City Council

    The city charter establishes a Council-Manager form of government with an elected City Council composed of a Mayor and 6 Council Members, which exercises legislative authority over the governing of the municipality.

  4. City Manager

    The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and serves as the chief executive officer of the city.

  5. Engineering

    Engineering Division functions include the management of all of the city’s infrastructure improvements within the corporate limits.

  6. Finance

    The Finance Department performs financial transactions of the city and maintains the records for tracking the transactions involved in the receipt and disbursement of funds.

  7. Golf Club

    Welcome to Beavercreek Golf Club, Ohio's premiere public golf facility and a 4 1/2 star course listed in Golf Digest's "Places to Play."

  8. Human Resources

    Human Resources stands committed to assist the City Manager and the City Council in providing the citizens of Beavercreek a diverse, competent, trained, and professional workforce.

  9. Parks, Recreation & Culture

    It is the responsibility of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture to preserve natural areas, to promote health and wellness, to provide quality leisure opportunities, and to increase cultural awareness for the benefit of the Beavercreek community.

  10. Planning & Zoning

    The Planning and Zoning Department provides assistance and direction in the development of the community and in maintaining the built environment according to the standards set by City Council through the enforcement of the city’s development regulations.

  11. Police

    The Police Department is committed to work in partnership with our community, to safeguard life and property while ensuring the rights of all people, and thereby enhancing the quality of life for our citizens.

  12. Public Service

    The Public Administrative Services Director is responsible for the overall management and direction of the Engineering Division and Service Division of the Department of Public Works.

  13. Senior Center

    Learn about who the Senior Center serves and what they have to offer the community.