Planning and Development


The Planning and Development Department provides assistance and direction in the development of the community and in maintaining the built environment according to the standards set by City Council through the enforcement of the city’s development regulations. Planning Department staff serves as advisers to the City Council, Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, and citizens in understanding and dealing with development-related issues.


Currently the department is comprised of five full-time positions, including a Planning and Development Director, City Planner, two Code Enforcement Officers, and a Planning Coordinator. 

The department’s responsibilities fall within two main categories: planning and development administration and long-range and special project planning.

Planning & Development Administration

The Planning and Development Administration function is the conduit through which all development applications are processed and all development codes are enforced. It is through this function that staff ensures that development proposals adhere to city regulations and meet sound planning principles.

Applications to the Planning Commission for zoning amendments, planned unit developments, subdivisions and conditional uses as well as variance applications for the Board of Zoning Appeals are coordinated by the Planning Director and City Planner and can be found here.

The Code Enforcement Officer verifies compliance to city regulations through post-approval inspections of all development, and maintains minimum maintenance standards for all structures and premises through the enforcement of the Property Maintenance Code. The Planning Coordinator approves most residential zoning permits and provides administrative support to the entire department.

Long-Range and Special Project Planning

The long-range and special project planning activities of the department, coordinated by the Director and City Planner, involve providing professional planning services and technical assistance in the development of plans and regulations for the future growth of the city. These projects establish the vehicle to achieve the preferred future vision for the city as articulated by citizens and elected officials.