Fence Permit

Fence Permit (PDF) is required when erecting or replacing a fence or retaining wall. To receive a Fence Permit, an application must be completed in full and submitted to the Planning and Zoning Department along with the application fee. The information given on this application should be in compliance with the requirements of §158.105 of the Zoning Code as summarized below.

§158.105 of the Zoning Code
  • Front Yard: The maximum height of the fence cannot exceed 42 inches. The fence must not be located in any right-of-way and cannot interfere with the visibility from driveways or intersections. The use of chain-link, wire or cyclone fencing or similar appurtenances is prohibited. Split-rail fences with welded wire backing are permitted.
  • Side and Rear Yard: The maximum height of the fence cannot exceed 6 feet except the maximum height for fences around tennis courts cannot exceed 10 feet.
  • General Requirements: Electric, barbed wire, snow fences or other temporary fences are prohibited in all residential districts.
  • Security Fences: The maximum height of the fence is 8 feet. Security Fences are permitted in business and commercial districts.