Public Service Announcements

One of the more popular features on Beavercreek Television is our televised bulletin board displaying public service announcements promoting community events.

Announcements run 24 hours a day between programs and reaches approximately 10,000 households in Beavercreek.

Allowed Material
Beavercreek Television welcomes announcements from nonprofit and community organizations.

Commercial advertising and announcements for the purposes of personal or financial gain, or containing libelous or slanderous language, cannot be accepted.

Because Beavercreek Television is a service of the City of Beavercreek, messages of a religious or political nature cannot be accepted.

Run Length
Announcements from nongovernmental agencies (such as community or nonprofit organizations) may run for no longer than 2 months at a time and have no more than 2 announcements running concurrently. 
Beavercreek Television reserves the right to refuse any announcement.