Engineering Division functions include the management of all of the city’s infrastructure improvements within the corporate limits. This includes:
  • Building facilities
  • Storm water drainage facilities
  • Street and road network
  • Traffic signal installations and systems
In order to coordinate with city plans and protect the traveling public, the division:
  • Reviews privately developed infrastructure plans that are associated with residential and commercial development
  • Reviews expansion plans for other entities
    • AT&T
    • Dayton Power and Light Company
    • Greene County Sanitary Engineering Department
    • Ohio Department of Transportation
Other responsibilities include:
  • Oversees the preparation of contract documents, often through the use of consultants, for city funded public works, including some park improvements
  • Manages numerous requests for information and service from the general public and forward noncity items to the appropriate governmental agencies
  • Issues right-of-way, driveway, and sidewalk permits
Questions concerning street names and drainage problems are often addressed in the Engineering Office.

Right-of-Way/Utility Permits
In January 2021, a new permitting process went into effect for right-of-way permits for individuals performing work in the right-of-way, including utilities. This requires anyone working in the right-of-way to be registered and bonded before applying for permits and before ANY work may begin.  For more information and to obtain the necessary forms, please contact the Engineering Division. Registered contractors may also submit permits online via the Online Permit Center.