Mission Statement

We, of the Beavercreek Police Department, are committed to work in partnership with our community, to safeguard life and property while ensuring the rights of all people, and thereby enhancing the quality of life for our citizens. 

An Open Letter to the Community
As I watched the video of the arrest of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25, I too, was shocked and appalled by the actions of the officers involved, especially when Mr. Floyd continued pleading for help. As first responders, it is our primary duty to aid those needing assistance and we, the Beavercreek Police Department, neither condone nor utilize the tactics depicted in the video involving the death of Mr. Floyd. 

In maintaining our pledge to be transparent and keep the community informed, I have provided a fact sheet about the Beavercreek Police Department and how we compare to recent discussions regarding police reforms. Please review the fact sheet to see how the Beavercreek Police Department's status as a CALEA accredited agency enhances our partnerships and quality of service to the community we serve. 

I have also included demographic data from the last five years regarding our self-initiated activities to further inform the public. An analysis of this data, collected and reviewed annually, ensures there are no trends that the Beavercreek Police Department targets a certain demographic in its self-initiated activity. The data is in line with the demographics of the Greater Dayton area based on the 2010 census. 

Please take a moment to review our mission statement, organizational values and fundamental goals which drive our commitment to the community and continue to guide our agency's pursuit of professional excellence. 

Thank you, 

Chief Dennis L. Evers

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