ThCAPRA Logoe City of Beavercreek Parks, Recreation & Culture Division is proud to be among the ranks of elite park and recreation agencies across the country by earning accreditation through the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA) and the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA). Less than one percent of agencies across the United States have achieved this accreditation.

CAPRA accreditation is the only national accreditation for park and recreation agencies, and is a measure of an agency’s overall quality of operation, management and service to the community. This mark of distinction indicates that an agency has met rigorous standards related to the management and administration of lands, facilities, resources, programs, safety and services.

Our staff is proud to have earned this distinction and be among less than one percent of agencies across the United States to achieve this accreditation. The benefits to our community include:

  • Demonstrates our parks division meets national standards of best practice
  • Recognizes Beavercreek as a great place to live  
  • Helps secure external financial support and reduce costs for the community
  • Holds our parks division accountable to the public and ensures responsiveness to meet their needs
  • Ensures all staff are providing quality customer service

Accreditation is based on an agency's compliance with 154 standards. In order to achieve accreditation, the division needed to comply with 36 fundamental standards and 106 (90 percent) of the 118 non-fundamental standards. The city’s parks division met 150 standards out of the 154 (36 fundamental standards and 114 non-fundamental standards).

The Parks, Recreation & Culture Division will need to submit for re-accreditation in five years. For additional information about CAPRA accreditation, click here.