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Cinnamon Ridge Park


Shakertown Road between Grange Hall Road and County Line Road:
  • Turn south on Willow Run Drive for about 2 long blocks
  • Take a right on East Straight Arrow

Park Entrances

The 3 entrances are unmarked at present, but are located north of 3990 Willow Run Drive and south of the Condominiums. The entrances are between 4228 and 4218 East Straight Arrow Road and also between 4066 and 4076 Willow Run Drive.

Additional access to and parking for the park can be made from the end of Straight Arrow Road, just off Willow Run Drive. The park runs north from the parking lot.

From the new Meadows of Beavercreek Development, pedestrian access can be made at 570 Platner Trail where it intersects with Longmeadow Lane.

Park Amenities

This is a real treasure to Beavercreek residents. Overlooking the valley to the west of the city, this 7.3 acre park is naturally wooded and very scenic. It is at present undeveloped.
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