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Coy Cemetery

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Coy Cemetery is located at the southeast corner of North-Fairfield and Shakertown Roads, formerly the Jacob Coy Farm of 1809.

Brief History

The Coy Cemetery was 1 of the 1st cemeteries in Beavercreek Township. Family names found on the gravestones are Brown, Coy, and Schmeltzer, with 8 burials dating from 1814 to 1877.

There are few headstones actually in the cemetery, perhaps only 8 in number. There is an assumption that many other Coy family members are buried there, but no records exist of the actual burial locations.

Reliable data that states Jacob’s 2nd daughter Catherine Coy Smeltzer (1778-1802), to be the 1st 1 buried there. The families had just arrived to Beavercreek, she must not have made the journey well, or could have died in child birth.


Relocation of graves from the Schmidt Cemetery during construction of the Fox Ridge Subdivision, the cemetery and only 1 box was found for disinterment. During construction of Sunset Bluff Subdivision uncovered 2 unmarked burials near the top of the hill overlooking the city.

No analysis was performed except that coroner may have said they may have been victims of the flu epidemic of 1917-1918. The remains of these 2 cemeteries were relocated to the Coy Cemetery
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