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George Zimmerman Cemetery

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Zimmerman Cemetery is located south side of Dayton-Xenia Road in the lot next to Fire Station No. 62 on the John Durnbaugh Farm of 1874. There are headstones of only 4 adults still standing but at least 4 other adults were buried here along with young children.


  • Dr. George Zimmerman (1779-1818), 1 of Beavercreek’s early doctors
  • Nancy, his wife (Unknown-1829)
  • Philip Harshman (1777-March 18, 1845)
  • Frances Harshman (1785-1829)
These are all well known Beavercreek pioneers.

Brief History

In 1883 Catherine Haverstick owned the farm on with the cemetery is located. The Koogler family inherited this farm from his grandmother Catherine Haverstick, before going to the current owner of adjacent property John Durnbaugh.
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