2022 Street Resurfacing & Curb Replacement Program

Every year, the City of Beavercreek budgets $2.3 million into resurfacing streets and replacing deteriorated curbs throughout the city. 

This year, the city is pleased to share its annual Street Resurfacing and Curb Replacement Program came in under budget. Due to costs, the city originally estimated it would resurface 7.77 centerline miles of streets. Since the project came in under budget, the city is now able to resurface an additional 3.03 miles, bringing 2022’s street resurfacing total to 10.80 centerline miles. Additionally, the city replaced 4,562 linear feet of curbs in 2022. 

Click the links below to view the streets and curbs included in 2022's Street Resurfacing and Curb Replacement Program:

For additional questions about the program, contact Nick Smith, P.E., Assistant City Engineer by calling (937) 427-5513.